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Bridger # 1 1/2 CS Special

Bridger # 1 1/2 CS Special is a coilspring trap that has a jaw spread of 5". In the past there were issues for some trappers with the original Bridger # 1 1/2 coils not holding raccoons satisfactorily in water sets. The improved # 1 1/2 Bridger "Special" has newly designed positive locking jaws and levers, heavier swivels, better chain, and music wire springs and a night latch pan system. Chain is attached with a j-hook on the side of the trap.


Target Species: fox, raccoon, fisher, marten, nutria, opossum, skunk

Bridger # 1 1/2 CS Special

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  • Slight wear & tear may be evident as many of our products travel from show to show. The trap(s) you receive will not be “used”.

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