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Carman's Pro's Choice

Carman's Pro's Choice is the lure to use if the area you're trapping contains fox and/or coyotes with an occasional bobcat. You can use it at 50% to as high as 75% of your sets.  One of the few lures with an equal and deadly attraction to all three animals.  You can also depend on this lure on at least 50% to 95% of your bobcat sets as it is a bobcat lure supreme.  It has an equal attraction to red or grey fox and is also attractive to badger, marten and fisher.  Canadian trappers also report that it is very deadly on the true wolf and lynx.  Good anytime on coyotes.  Good from early October until they become rubbed on red and grey fox.  As an added bonus, this lure has been proven deadly on mink and works best from mid-October until the beginning of the mating run.

Carman's Pro's Choice

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