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Freedom Brand FB2 DP

The Freedom Brand FB2 DP is a dog proof raccoon trap that is a traditional style dog proof raccoon trap that features a strong music wire spring, a sensitive trigger system, and an innovative staking system. The unique staking system allows you to set FB2 DP coon traps anywhere.  You can push the stake into the ground where soil conditions permit just like with any brand of DP coon traps.  And, with the unique staking system you can slide the chain system up the stake and insert the stake into the Freedom Brand DP Trap Stabilizer to allow you to use the FB2 DP trap on frozen ground, on rocky ground, in culverts, mounted to a tree or post, on concrete or wood floors in buildings  -- anywhere you want to catch a coon.  This allows you to combine the FB2 DP Trap with a longer chain and drag or with a drowner slide and to then set the trap in the BEST place to catch coons at a particular location instead of in a place you can find to push the stake into the ground.


Target Species: raccoon

Freedom Brand FB2 DP

  • For returns please email us at Each return will be dealt with on an individual basis. Re-stocking fees may apply. Shipping is non-refundable.

  • Slight wear & tear may be evident as many of our products travel from show to show. The trap(s) you receive will not be “used”.

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