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Latex Pan & Trap Covers

Barker's Latex Pan & Trap covers are thin and lfexible, and are free of human scent. They keep dirt form getting under your trap pans, and keep water out of your traps' firing parts, so that they don't freeze and stop working properly. Come in packs of 24.


They are available in five sizes.  The smaller sizes are pan covers and the larger sizes are full trap covers.  The sizes are:

4"x4" pan covers for #1 & #1 1/2

5"x5" pan covers for #2's & up

6"x6" trap covers for #1 & #1 1/2

7"x7" trap covers for #2's & up

8"x8" trap covers for #3 & #4


Latex Pan & Trap Covers

  • For returns please email us at Each return will be dealt with on an individual basis. Re-stocking fees may apply. Shipping is non-refundable.

  • Slight wear & tear may be evident as many of our products travel from show to show. Please note the product is new and has not been "use".

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