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Reuwsaat's Liquid Frenzy

Reuwsaat's Liquid Frenzy is a predator bait that is a liquid bait that you can squirt down a dirt hole.  The bottle comes with a flip top cap to make this process easy.   It is a strong meat based bait that has been bottled in liquid form.  It keeps the predators at your set because they can never get to what is in the hole because the ground has absorbed it.  The predators will turn your standard dirt hole into a crater trying to find it.

Reuwsaat's Liquid Frenzy Predator Bait is an all season bait.  It has great attributes that really help the Southern trapper/ADC trapper who has to deal with hotter temps, ants and flies.  This bait soaks into the ground and still emits its enticing odor and the flies and ants have nothing to carry away. It works great on bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, badger and skunk.

Reuwsaat's Liquid Frenzy

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