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Our Skunk are of average quality and can be with or without feet. They are offered in two sizes; Medium/Large and X-Large+ and are available in the following four classifications:

Extra Heavy White Stripe - these skunk will have a white line that is wider than half an inch.

Wide Stripe - these skunk will have a white line that is roughly half an inch wide.

Narrow Stripe - these skunk will have a white line that is the width of an average pencil.

Incomplete Stripe/Black - these skunk will either have a pin line of white, a stripe of any size that does not continue all the way down their back or have no white and will be all black in color.


Please note that the majority of all skunk may have a yellow tinge to their white.


Our furs are professionally tanned and are of garment-quality with soft and pliable leather. This makes them great to be used as "wall hangers" to decorate your home, cabin or office. They can be used to make garments including coats, earmuffs, gloves/mittens or even bedspreads and pillows. The options are endless!


  • For returns please email us at Each return will be dealt with on an individual basis. Re-stocking fees may apply. Shipping is non-refundable.

  • Please note that no two furs will be identical as each animal will have their own unique look due to various sizes, colors, shapes and grades. Camera lighting unfortunately can also slightly alter their true look.

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